Subject: wp By: Robbie Date: 13/12/2009


I dont know your name, but i guess its amazing what you just put all together! :) I understood the way where you started to think on to make the portable WP, my thinking way is a bit different:

I am using wp on my sites, and I was looking for an offline client, where i can use different things on my offline environment:

- my own contact manager (importing my contacts from social networks, emails, outlook, msn, skype, etc)
- my own task manager (using time, project managegement, my private cost planning)
- my own online social communicator (events, send newsletters, cms)
- online album to share pictures with my friends
- If I want I can sync my offline data with my websites or mobile devices, if not, then i can use it only offline

My vision is to trying to leave windows environment to a Browser based wordpress environment, where you can do anything basic what you need. Nearly all of them has plugins in wordpress, but its still not too easy to customize them through the ajax surface, but i think its quickly developing..

So, my question are as follows:

- Can you add a feature to this solution for security reasons? (add security options/features in browsers, viewable options for sharing my single standalone wordpress to the world)

Thanks for the great work!:)


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