Subject: Re: Error establishing a database connection By: Mitch Date: 17/03/2010

Here is how I got the blog to work again.

1) phpMyAdmin. I could not successfully install pma; kept getting an error indicating I was having permissions issues ("Cannot start session without errors..."). I did not know how to fix permissions on local files (since this is a local install). Tried everything I could to update permissions on folders.

2) Error logs. I checked the error logs in apache2/bin and saw which table was corrupted.

3) Database repair. I added a line to the to allow database repair, but it failed.

4) Backup file. I pulled the original download of WP Portable, copied the files from mysql/data for the corrupted table and overwrote them.

I lost only a few fixes from that table, but my site was right back up.

The culprit was the footer widgets, which I see from comments have caused trouble for other. I have commented them out now so they can't wreak havoc again.

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