Subject: Re: Change Language By: JS Date: 08/01/2011

To install the german Wordpress
- Download it from
- Stop Wordpress Portable
- Rename the Wordpress Portable-Subfolder /www/wordpress to /www.wordpress_en or something.
- Than extract the downloaded german package, it will create again a supfolder wordpress
- Start Wordpress Portable
- Open \WP-Portable\www\wordpress\wp-admin\install.php and follow the instructions.
- Needed Infos for that: DB-Name: wordpress / DB-User: root / Kein DB-Passwort / Datenbank-Host: localhost / Tabellen-Präfix: wp_
- When Wordpress mention that there's already an WP Installation use the given possibility to log in.
- Use the shown button to update the database
- Now you got a german wordpress.
- If you want you can now (after everything works) delete the old folder wordpress_en

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