Subject: Some .ini amendments and exit fix for Windows 7 By: Constantino Date: 01/02/2012


Apologies, I am not a programmer or developer so its possible some of the below is wrong.

1. The links to WP-Portable website are wrong or out of date. Obviously they should be see under [AboutText] and [Website]

2. The command tskill.exe does not work in Windows 7 Home Premium. In order to make the application quit successfully you need to use taskkill.exe. Under [ExitProgram] replace this line:
Action: run; FileName: "%System%\tskill.exe"; Parameters: "httpd-wpp"; WorkingDir: "%System%"; ShowCmd: hidden;
with this
Action: run; FileName: "%System%\taskkill.exe"; Parameters: "/f /im httpd-wpp.exe"; WorkingDir: "%System%"; ShowCmd: hidden;

3. To add a menu shortcut to the theme folder in the tray menu do the following (maybe someone can help improve this part as this will have to be tailored to each user as the explorer command uses windows switches so I couldn't set it to open to the right folder without typing out the entire path) Under [Menu.Right] and [Menu.Left] enter the following line:
Type: item; Caption: "Browse Theme Folder"; Action: multi; Actions: Browse; Glyph: 2
NB: The glyph file is in bin/wpp/ and is called wpp.gli. Open with an image viewer to see the icons (Windows Photo Viewer works). The icons are numbered 0-18 left to right.
Also add Type:separator if required
Then add a new item somewhere below, for example between [Wordpress] and [PhpInfo]:
Action: shellexecute; Filename: "%System%\explorer.exe"; Parameters: "/root,c:\<YOUR_WP-PORTABLE-FOLDER>\www\wordpress/"

Hope this is of some use to someone...


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