Subject: Great Job! By: Bob Bobson Date: 06/01/2013

Brilliant work.

I recently set out to “portablize” my WordPress installation (and whole webserver) to untether it from my system so that I could run it from other systems.

I tried everything I couldfind like XAMPP, WampServer, UniServer, server2go, etc. Unfortunately even the truly portable webservers which did not require installing Windows services, were still unpleasant, overkill, and abstract too much (you may as well use installers instead of portable zipped copies). This did not mesh well with my hands-on approach of manually configuring everything.

I looked around, nearly giving up, then I found this. WPP was terrific. It was a minimalistic, portable WordPress installation. After examining how it works for a bit, I was able to transfer over my webservers config files, binaries, and data so that I can run an up-to-date web-server with all my features (like SSL) from anywhere anytime.

I am currently examining the documentation for AestanMenu to learn how to extend WPP even further (like adding my VisualSVNServer installation, process controls, easy access to my blogs, etc.)

Thanks again for WPP!

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